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Roodbont is the number 1 independent content supplier globally, accelerate your company knowledge today

Build an authorative brand image

Build an authorative brand image

One of the most important aspects to consider when establishing your business is its brand image. This means not only the aesthetic design properties of your brand and layout (which are, of course, important), but also the very attitude and expertise you want to project to all who come into contact with your company. In our platform, you easily add your logo to your unique interface. 

In-depth view of employee analytics

In-depth view of employee analytics

Most companies still face critical obstacles in the early stages of building their people analytics capabilities, preventing real progress. The majority of teams are still in the early stages of cleaning data and streamlining reporting. With our content subscription, executives can track their employees' progress at any time.

Increase employee satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction

A business is only as good as its people. With staff retention, productivity and engagement now ranking as the most topical concerns for modern-day business, identifying ways to improve and build job satisfaction for employees must be on the company agenda in order to ensure continued success.

The convenience of all our content within 1 interface

The convenience of all our content within 1 interface

With our subscription-based business model, our customers never pay too much. Since the amount of recurring payments is decided at the time of initial sale, it allows you to predict your costs each month. This also ensures that you aren’t ordering more supplies or stocking more inventory than you need. 

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"This is the go-to solution when it comes to enhancing company knowledge on a wide scale. Efficiently managed through our company branded platform. Well done Roodbont team." - ..., MSD


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