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Check out the Pig themes

Pig Signals (English edition)


Pigs are constantly giving out signals about their health, well-being, and performance. The art is to perceive these signals and to use them to monitor and improve the nutrition, care and housing of your animals.


Veterinary surgeons and pig enthusiasts Jan Hulsen and Kees Scheepens wrote Pig Signals based on their expertise and extensive experience with farmers and their pigs. They created this richly-illustrated book as an ideal practical guide and essential reference book.

Finishing pigs (English edition)


Finishing Pigs shows that what you think is ‘normal' does not always have to be normal. Some managers accept having a few pigs with diarrhoea, while others do not. What are your target values? Finishing Pigs is full of practical tips. It is written clearly and illustrated with informative photographs and beautiful drawings. After reading this book, you will be more alert and you will respond better to signals. And you will return to the barn with renewed energy!

Piglets (English edition)


‘Taking care of the little ones pays dividends! As a professional in the field, successful rearing depends on you.’


For successful farm results, the sow must produce large numbers of healthy piglets on the one hand and the finishing pig must grow to its full potential on the other. In between comes the newborn and growing young piglet: sufficient attention in this phase really is of vital importance! Are your pig rearing skills up to scratch?

Sows (English edition)


Sows is full of practical tips and information to achieve optimal production results, with clearly written text and informative photographs and illustrations. After reading this book you will coach your sows to a series of worldclass performances!